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Three moose, a male white rhino, a Ford F150 pickup, seven grand pianos or 2 million pre-rolled joints. These are all things that weigh nearly as much as the marijuana sold by Michigan retailers Wednesday, April 20, the unofficial holiday for cannabis.

Customers bought more than 2.3 tons of marijuana flower — that’s 4,600 pounds — from Michigan retailers, according to a Twitter message posted by Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) Director Andrew Brisbo.

The daily sales, by weight, were up 242% from 2021 and 444% compared to 2020, Brisbo said. “Overall, sales continue to increase despite significant price decreases year over year.”

  • 2022: 4,619 pounds, $15,558,079 in total marijuana product sales
  • 2021: 1,912 pounds, $10,696,653 in total marijuana product sales
  • 2020: 430 pounds, $3,670,832 in total marijuana product sales

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The marijuana agency also tracked the sale of 140,000 vaping cartridges, an increase of 40,000 from last year.

CRA spokesman David Harns said the agency doesn’t regularly run single-day sales figures, except on April 20, so it’s impossible to determine if Wednesday’s sales were an all-time daily record. “It’s likely a safe assumption, though,” Harns said.

Michigan averaged daily marijuana sales of 744.5 pounds at a rate of $3,503 per pound in 2021, based on 250 business days in the year, according to statistical data provided by the CRA.

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